Your Trusted Partner,

Lahan Mas Agro

PT. Lahan Mas Agro is the world’s leading commodity supplier from Indonesia, specialisiting in Palm Kernel Expeller (PKE) and other commodities such as palm kernel shells, coconut mesh, and so much more. Since its foundation in the early 2000s, the company has become trusted for price, consistency and punctuality.

Who We Are



PT. Lahan Mas Agro has a rich history of commodity supplies through continuously supplying quality Palm Kernel Expeller (PKE) and other commodities, better at price, product quality control and commitment to on time delivery compared to competitors. Since the 2000s when the roots of the original company were founded, PT. Lahan Mas Agro has been liaising with our network company in Singapore, to market our products to industries and companies all over the world.

PT. Lahan Mas Agro is one of the Indonesian Palm Kernel Expeller supplier with the biggest network of extended warehouses that is located in strategic position across the nation, close to the palm expeller facilities for faster lead time and cost efficiency.

Lahan Mas Agro At A Glance

PT. Lahan Mas Agro was established in 2009 to respond the global rapid economic and industrial growth. We develop to fulfil the growth of demand for agriculture commodity products globally. Our company is located on Tangerang – Banten, Indonesia which become part of the most important countries in the world for agricultural commodities.

The Scarecrow Philosophy

Scarecrow has always been our work philosophy, there are many meanings behind its existence. Scarecrow is a plant pest repellent object in rice fields which is actually very simple, inexpensive, but provides maximum results. Scarecrow's job is very noble, that is to repel pests without hurting nature, and the extraordinary thing is that it does it job without being commanded, it does it naturally. From this philosophy, Lahan Mas Agro has cultivated a corporate culture:

Work for both the good goal of the company and customers with consciousnes, self-awareness, even without being asked to.

Utilize both human resources and infrastructure in such a clever yet efficient, with high impact results so that customers get the best products at the lowest possible cost.

Harvesting natural products with a good humane principals by paying attention to sustainability and being responsible towards nature, avoiding over exploration that threaten ecosystem balance and the sustainability of nature.

our vision

To be a world class and the most innovative agriculture commodity trading company.

our mission

Provide our customers with quality and timely services for a wide variety of agriculture commodities.