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For more than a decade, PT. Lahan Mas Agro has been utilizing the waste / residue from palm oil processing, supplying Palm Kernel Expeller as a commodity to support the livestock feed needs - worldwide. Palm Kernel Expeller cake is an agro-industrial waste that could be used for production and Bioflavor Biopreservatif.

Particularly for broiler chicken rations and rations of laying hens. Oil that has been filtered core can be mixed with multi commercial enzymes, thus can increase metabolic energy contained in animal feed rations.

Besides increasing the digestibility of protein, fat, ash and metabolizable energy, broiler ration increased by 30% to match performance of chickens fed a standard diet (corn and soybean meal), provided that the ration formulation is based on amino acid digested. This applies also to feed laying hens, dairy cows, and others.

Indonesian Palm Kernel Expeller from Lahan Mas Agro is the solution for an economic investment yet bringing high impact and high results for farms, industries and businesses that can make the most of it.

The inner palm kernel (the white part) is where the Palm Kernel Expeller comes from. The inner nut, the kernel, is sent to the expeller factories where it is expelled twice to produce a higher quality oil, palmolein. The kernels are then centrifugally cracked in a drum machine and milled. The residue left after oil extraction from palm kernels are being dried and grinded to produce the brown powder we call Palm Kernel Expeller (PKE). Palm Kernel Expeller, the brown powder are mostly around 1-5 mm size of the particles.

The reason why Palm Kernel Expeller (PKE) is a good biomass is because the ash content is rather low, it does not have strong smell and the net calorific value is rather high. Lahan Mas Agro has supplied and delivered large quantities of Palm Kernel Expeller sold to Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, China, South Korea, Middle East (Oman, Turki). Most of the usage are for livestock feed and some of our customers sent it to power stations where it was used mostly for co firing with coal.

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Oilseed, Grains Commodity

Oilseed Commodity

  • Crude kapok seed oil
  • Crude palm oil
  • Refined palm oil

Grain Commodity

  • Kapok seed meal
  • Palm kernel expeller meal
  • Copra expeller meal
  • Copra extraction pellet
  • Corn
  • Corn gluten meal
  • Soyabean
  • Soyabean meal
  • Rice
  • Ricebran
  • Wheat
  • Tapioca